Cool belts of the season

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On the eve of the new season, every fashionista plans the shopping. That’s why learning the fashion trends in the world of accessories is never too early. Today’s report on “Fashion belts of the season” will help to orient when choosing women’s accessories designed to highlight the female form. The designers have paid special attention to the cool belts and straps. After all, with their help, every woman can emphasize the slimness of her silhouette, to create the stylish, unique romantic image. It is possible to pick up the belt to the color of the dress, of the shoes or the color of the bag. The belt emphasizes the elegance and grace of the women and can be a major focus in the image. The current season offers the true fashionistas a huge selection of this accessory.

Fashion belts with metal and rhinestones.

Metal parts and rhinestones – the original fashion trend of the new season. Decorations with rhinestones and parts made of chrome-plated metal will enhance the beauty of the evening dresses and give the image glamour.
Women’s belts with metal coating of various colors – it’s an absolute trend. They can fit the suit’s color or be brighter; they also should match your shoes or handbags – Chanel, Givenchy, Ralph Lauren, Oscar De La Renta, Alexander McQueen. Extremeky popular are the models made of lacquer, crocodile and snake skin, fabric, metal, decorated with minerals and rocks – Givenchy, Salvatore Ferragamo, cool beltsIceberg, Mugler, Missoni. The forms of the belts buckles can be both unusual and traditional. The buckles in the form of animal’s and graphic patterns, floral ornaments of metal or plastic are also in vogue.

Romance to the masses – the belts with bows.

To emphasize the romantic, feminine look, the designers advise to pay attention to the belts with a bow. These cute belts are made of leather, fabric, suede, presented in a variety of colors. Very elegant look thin belts with a bow made from the free end.

Women’s belts-corsets.

This year the corset types are less popular than in the past. But do not completely forget about them, Alexander McQueen paid tribute to this feminine and daring accessory of the collection “resort”. Fashion corset belts are perfectly combined with the light tunics and dresses with the length to the floor and with long close-fitting jackets of fine matter. This original accessory is a great way to visually slimmer the figure. The most spectacular black models made of leather and metallic variants or braided with a very wide-painted ethnic ornaments.

Laconic narrow belts in minimalism style.

Sometimes the outfit is so smart that any accessory seems superfluous. Then to help will exactly come such laconic straps made of black leather, the main task of which –once again demonstrate to others the thin waist. The belt-drawstring is not very popular in everyday wear, but absolutely indispensable for evening dresses. Elegant narrow model in combination with an elegant evening dress is the undoubted favorites. For greater effect, the designers advise to wear tight cool belts wrapped twice around the waist.


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