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Any outfit will look in another way with the help of skillfully used accessories. However, the most fashionable outfit can look boring even if you will not supplement it with the right accessories. Sunglasses, handbags, hats – all these is firmly settled on the shelves of trendy boutiques. But without what can hardly do any of us? Surely, without the belt. Women, men, young fashionistas and even children love this comfortable accessory. So, what kind of belts will be fashionable in the coming season?

New ideas of the season.

This year there is no strict rules regarding the materials and styles. The designers propose wearing this accessory with evening dresses and with outerwear, such as the fur coat. Very popular are the wide models made of suede, textile or leather. They just have to have the hidden zipper. This will help to accentuate your slim waist and will make your figure elegant. One may wear them with any top clothes, preferring the quiet shades.
Another fashion victim of this year is the multilayered belt. This could include the variety of models decorated with big buckles or bows and wide versions. It is better to buy models made of natural materials – textiles and leather.
The width is not particularly regulated, in the collections are found both wide and thin with traditional zipper at the back. The models-corsets are not common, but some designers propose the unusual models that emphasize the waist or hips. One of the hottest trends of the season – the straps, chosen precisely to match the outfit. This strap can be of various materials, as well as of the fabric of the dress or suit.
The double women’s waist belt with a thin strap on top becomes the novelty of the season. It should not necessarily be of the same material, it is possible to combine leather, braided materials, metal chains, various color and texture. In fashion are the women’s stylish beltsstraps of unconventional figured form. One more trend of the new season is the thin strap with a little bow.

The models from the material with metallic surface of various colors are also very stylish in this season. It may fit the costumes tint or be bright accessory, combined with a handbag or shoes. Among the fashionable models can be found smooth lacquered, of the snakeskin and fabric, crocodile leather, metal and plastic decoration of rocks and minerals.
The form of the buckle of this fashionable women’s accessory can be both unusual and traditional. In fashion are buckles in the form of animalistic and graphic figures and floral compositions made of metal or plastic.
Very feminine looks the outfit, if the color of the waist belt and the dress are almost identical. Although the contrasting combinations are also quite appropriate. Simple and discreet men’s models can be used successfully in the women’s locker room. The designers offer to wear them on the hips.

The decor.

The recognized leaders in decorating this accessory became buckles. Strap with a buckle in the form of a flower or a butterfly – that is what should be in the wardrobe of elegant ladies. Also, fashionable will be new models with embroidery, decorated with stones. This strap can become an indispensable accent of the simplest attire. Sometimes it is enough one detail to look amazing. Many collections abound with jewelry beads, sequins and rhinestones. Another interesting detail in the decor – textile ribbons that are simply tied at the waist, instead of using the classical versions.

The fashionable color.

Speaking about the color, the favorite remains the classic. Fashionable will be also peach, blue, yellow, red and purple. For the summer and fall perfect it is better to choose the gold color. The snakeskin is also relevant.

Fashionable men’s belts and buckles.

As for the men’s belts, nothing really has changed from the last year. The men’s models of the new season have to be conditioned in the sports, youth or classic style – it all depends on the attire.
stylish belts 2The branded men’s accessory is now more popular than ever and very few people remember their history. This “fashion” came up with the northern peoples, who lived in the harsh and cold climates. People, who lived on “edge” of the land, needed warmer clothes, for example, than their counterparts from warmer climates, the same Greeks, Romans, and other peoples of the Mediterranean, who felt quite comfortable in togas and tunics. So the “barbarians” came up with a piece of toilet as pants, to cover their lower half. And due to the fact that this garment had to be also convenient for use (remove-wear), it was necessary to gird the strap. And over time, the men’s leather strap has no longer performed the narrow utilitarian role – it became the sign of elegance, refinement of taste, impeccable style and of course, the status. And even today, the fashion replete with variety, one can not deny it – the constant return to the classics.
The thin variants are still found in the summer collections of designers. Thin belts are not so thin to serve only as design element. They are in vogue, but they, unlike in the autumn and winter seasons are no longer the leading trend. In summer the wide belts occupy the worthy place in the wardrobe of fashionable men. They can be radical extensive and of the classical width. The fashion materials for spring and summer – natural leather, suede and textile. Moreover, the textile can appear in completely unexpected ways: for example, in the form of the tie.
Still in vogue are the small buckle and still unfashionable remain huge. Rectangular or oval, the buckle may depict label fashion brand. Buckles look quite modest, discreet, but at the same time, elegant and stylish. It is better to choose model of the ribbed structure made of leather. You can wear it with trousers of casual style, pantsuits or jeans. The colors should be calm: classic black, beige, gray.
The combination of black and white is quite often found in the collections of the spring-summer. The combination of black on white allows you to wear the usual wide strap by adding to the overall mood the extra shade. Together with the previous fashion trend in the new season came the braided straps. Dark, bright and colorful, the braided straps will be quite to the place in the spring and summer. A little frivolous, they will be a reflection of the summer holiday mood.
Fashionable men’s belt buckles can be the classical and of the summer bright color. Those men who want to add a little chic – should look to models in two rows or to the belts with unusual accessories for fixation.
The décor of the summer straps is non-aggressive and traditional. Eyelets and rivets, the combination of materials and motifs of the season will be the main decorative elements of the fashionable summer accessory.
Fashionable belts should always be very expensive. It is always possible to find budget and at the same qualitative version. The choice of this year is very diverse. Listen to your liking! Do not forget to think about how it will be combined with a bag or shoes. The harmony of colors and textures makes the outfit complete and truly stylish.

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