Choosing a wedding dress!

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Certainly, the wedding – is one of the most expected, joyful and memorable moment in everyone’s life. Each of us dreams of a happy, long-term marriage, full of love, understanding and prosperity, and therefore, the wedding omens would never lose its relevance! Since ancient times, people have been looking for the “recipes” of family happiness, so there are a lot of wedding omens, but the most attention always get, of course, the wedding gowns of the bride and groom. However, not every bride and groom can afford an expensive wedding dress. In such cases, the bride has to choose among cheap wedding dresses.

Bridal dresses.

As you know, women are very superstitious, and, most of all, because of this, there are many beliefs associated with the bride’s wedding dress. The color and style are of special importance. Keep in mind that the wedding dress is an outfit, which must protect the bride and the future family fortune from the negative influence and envy.


The wedding dress has to be without separate corsets and skirts, otherwise the married life will be also “separate”. It is desirable to avoid gloves and hats – omens say that these accessories can lead to divorce. In addition, the wedding dress should not have laces, weaving, knots and pearls.

When choosing a wedding dress, the bride should be aware of the latest fashion trends, but do not be its slave. There is no need to buy a fashionable tight dress, if your figure in such an outfit will look unattractive! If a short dress is in fashion, but it doesn’t suit you, you needn’t buy it! The bride in the wedding day should feel confident and comfortable, and uncomfortable or too extravagant clothes can spoil the holiday. If the bride will always pull up the dress, the celebration will be spoiled, and the nerves – disheveled.

Color of the dress.

Choosing a wedding dressIn ancient Rus the traditional color of the bride dress was red – it protected against the negative energy impact, envy and evil people. Then, from Western Europe came the fashion on white wedding dresses. White color is traditionally regarded as a symbol of purity and innocence, so for girls and women who are getting married for the first time, it is best to choose a dress of this color. For those who are getting married again and do not want to spend much money on a fluffy dress, it is better to search among cheap wedding dresses of other colors!

Pink wedding dresses most often choose romantic girls. Many associate this color with femininity and tenderness. The main thing is that pink should not be too bright and rich, as it may look vulgar. And the abundance of frills and lace on dresses of such color makes its possessor look like a doll. The blue color fits almost everyone; it creates a feeling of lightness and airiness.

Necessarily in the bride’s attire should be something carried and borrowed, certainly of red color. The bride has to put on only bijouterie, as the stones have certain energy, pearls is not recommended.

The price of the dress.

The wedding dress should not be too expensive. As a rule, low cost of the wedding dress caused by defects, such as small spots or holes. But it is not a big trouble, as you can manually fix these defects.

But this is not a requirement. Sometimes a low price caused by the fact that this wedding dress from the last year collection, or just went out of fashion. But even in such a dress you can look great, the only thing you need is just your imagination and creativity. You can buy one of the cheap wedding dresses, and then alter it, adding some elements and decorate it to your own taste. Also, you can always go to the atelier, where you will get qualified help of professional seamstress. The dress can be transformed in such a way so that no one will guess that it is from the last year’s collection!

If you want to buy inexpensive wedding dress, do not hesitate to ask about some special promotions and discounts in the salon where you liked several models. Furthermore, it is useful to be always aware of the latest news in wedding fashion: for example, it is sometimes possible to buy a dress from an experimental collection or in the salon that will soon be closed.

Cheap wedding dresses are made from the same materials as expensive. Furthermore, these dresses will meet the same requirements of contemporary fashion as expensive dresses. The difference between an exclusive dress and inexpensive wedding dress is only in the tailor who sewed it. Inexpensive bridal dresses are made in various silhouettes, for example, empire or ball gown.

Buying a wedding dress in the Internet.

Every girl dreams of a unique, luxurious and elegant wedding dress. But to find a unique and at the same time inexpensive model in the salon is almost impossible. The only way out is to buy the wedding dress in the online store. Of course it has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before selecting you should carefully weigh all “pros” and “cons”.

The advantages:

  •  A wide choice of the cheap wedding dresses in comparison with salons.
  •  Dresses are in all sizes.
  •  You can buy a copy of wedding dresses of the most famous personalities and exclusive styles.
  •  You can be sure that this dress was not hired and no one tried it on.
  •  A large number of discounts and the chance to win a dress on the auction for a lower price.

The disadvantages:

  •  You can not try it on before purchasing.
  •  It is impossible to identify the falls.
  •  Not quite fair picture (monitor screens may slightly distort the color and texture).
  •  Delivery may last for several months.
  •  Payment is made only through the electronic bills (in many online stores).

If you have decided to buy a wedding dress over the Internet, make a note of the following points:

  1.  Having defined with the model, try to find the similar dress in the salon. You have to try it on to see how much comfortable you feel in this dress.
  2.  Examine the range, payment and delivery terms of several online stores. Carefully read the reviews about them. If not, then you should not buy anything there (especially the most important dress of your life.) If you find a wedding dress at the auction, then pay attention to the opinions of buyers and the rating of dealer. Also look through the entire range of the shop. Maybe the dealer sells wedding dresses for the first time.
  3.  Identify your size as accurately as possible. If you decided to order a model in the foreign shop, use a dimensional grid. Remember that to exchange this dress will take a long time, nerves and money.
  4.  Ask about all the details in the online consultant.
  5.  Think about which method of payment is acceptable for you. Take an interest in the online shop, how to make payment.

And finally, if you have never made online shopping you might not risk your celebration and wedding dress. After all from failure no one is safe. If you really need this model and in this online store, ask for the help of friends who have some experience in this kind of shopping.


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