Cheap evening dresses for women: novelties and trends of the season!

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In the wardrobe of every woman should be several evening dresses. In 2013, the designers have prepared for us a lot of interesting things. They also surprised us with the collections of cheap evening dresses for women. Among the proposed models, you can choose something for official receptions, social events, family celebration or a romantic date with your lover. Of course, one and the same dress is not suitable for all of the above activities, but the fun is to choose what we want.

According to the rules adopted in all countries, evening dress must be supplemented by the following things:

  •  lace or silk gloves;
  •  small bags;
  •  elegant shoes, coupled with the bag;
  •  if you’re accompanied by your friends, the entire company should correspond to the accepted dress code.

When choosing an evening dress you should follow the certain principles. Bright saturated tissues imply a simple cut, sophisticated style – rich on details, it is not combined with cheap and screaming colors. You also need to take into account the contingent and specificity of the event to which you are invited. For the reception, it is better to choose the traditional evening dress, this year they are still relevant, however, as always. Floor-length skirt, half-fitting silhouette, open shoulders and bodice with straps – just what you need for this kind of event. An obligatory accessory is a soft elegant shawl or tippet. If you’re going to a party with mostly young people, short, less formal dress will be quite appropriate. To your companion you can also choose something in light natural color and less formal style.
Cheap evening dresses for women: novelties and trends of the season!Even put on cheap evening dress, you can draw attention with its elegance, refinement, but at the same time the simplicity and naturalness. If your aim is to stand out – choose bright vibrant colors. However, be careful with the details, sophisticated draping, lace, tucks and plentiful decoration – all these subterfuges will provide you disservice. The time of luxuriant baroque is in the past, while the restraint and elegance will never go out of fashion.

Depending on your taste, you can choose an evening dress in any style. In this the designers distinguish several key trends that define the fashion models of this year:

  •  Dress in Empire or Greek style (flowing materials, overestimated waist, accented breast line, light and flying bottom).
  •  Vintage style – cheap evening dresses for women and a great opportunity to look original and natural. Fluffy skirt, wide sleeves, fluted or pleated, “sharp collars”, synthetic fabrics will give your image a special charm and poignancy. The fashion of the dress may vary from the Charleston dress, the model with a strong silhouette till flying floor-length dresses. Fairer to call this style “new vintage”, as it was created in our time and literally do not mean the evening dress of your grandmother. To complete your image it is important that all of its components should match each other – the hat, shoes and hairstyle, to create a single picture, successfully supplementing and emphasizing each other.
  •  Youth style: here is a huge selection of styles, from the Bohemian to bright shiny dresses in the style of the “baby-doll”.
  •  Cocktail dresses: it is a separate category of evening dresses. Originally, they were designed exclusively for cocktail parties, but today, the scope of their “use” has expanded significantly. Cocktail dresses are usually very light, bright and flirty.
  •  Disco style is back in fashion. Sparkling, bright, printed fabric – the motto of this style remains unchanged: the glitter does not happen much.

Trends of winter 2012-2013.

Elegant dresses of this winter will be of more discreet coloring in comparison with the last year, but that does not mean that they are less beautiful. For its sewing uses fabrics with metallic and shimmering strings, expensive lace, heavy velvet, fine draping and pleating, airy fabrics, deep cuts, to open not only the breast and shoulders, but also the back, as well as original asymmetrical cutouts.
As for the color, the stylists offer to women all the luxury of precious stones. Instead of intentionally bright neon shades, came color of precious stones – emerald, ruby, amethyst, garnet, turquoise and sapphire. You can say that such evening dresses are unaffordable for ordinary girls. But it is not so. Today one can buy cheap evening dresses for women in the on-line shop. It is only a question of time and strong desire.
The most topical model of this season is peplum; it is the cut that implying the frill at the waist. Especially attractive in such dress look tall frail girls. If this stile doesn’t fit you – don’t worry, you can draw attention to the hips and in the other ways, for example – with rhinestones, embroidery and other decorative elements.
Many details of fashionable dresses not just draped but even kinked! This may relate to both the skirt and sleeves, and even bodice. This feature gives a fashionable toilet special refinement and elegance.

As an accessory fashion designers offer fur – bags, capes, boas, boa, ornaments and even shoes made of it.


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