Cheap Dress for a bridesmaid. How to save money and at the same time look great?

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Bridesmaids at the wedding play one of leading roles, they are always in sight, so ideally the appearance of the bridesmaids should be in harmony with the bride’s dress and still it should not attract too much attention.
More difficult than choosing the bridesmaid dress, perhaps, may be only the choice of the wedding dress. What to wear to perform such an honorable and pleasant mission? After all it is desirable to look solemn and unusual, but still save some money. Besides, the dress of the bridesmaid should not be so enchanting, of course if you don’t want to overshadow the main heroin of the occasion – the bride.
Despite this, it is unnecessary to go into the first salon of evening dresses and choose the most inconspicuous (and the most inexpensive) dress. Still, you have to look decent, because the wedding of your favorite friends is really a solemn event that obliges to be on top.
Recently, we borrowed the Western tradition to dress the bridesmaids in the same dresses. It is very convenient, especially for the most brides, as it is enough to find a dress that will suit to all of them and will be a perfect balance with the wedding dress only once, and then ask all the invited bridesmaids to buy it. The only problem can be that not all the girls would agree to spend much money on a new outfit. In addition, there can be not all the sizes in the shop. The way out of this situation is to make a collective order in the atelier at least two month before the wedding.
There are some points that you should remember when looking for cheap dresses. Don’t forget that cheap does not have to mean bad quality. You may be able to find a small shop that does not have dresses from the latest collections of fashion designers, but they are still made from the best materials and skillfully created. Just look for stores in your town.
Don’t worries, if you are still unable to compromise and choose only one dress; anyway, you will find the way out. For example, the first two bridesmaids can be in bright red; the next – bright pink, pale pink and so on.
Dress for a bridesmaidFashion for cocktail and evening dresses of dark colors have under it firm footing. Firstly, these colors favorably emphasize any figure and are suitable for almost every girl. And secondly, the little black dress – will forever remain a classic and does not lose its relevance. And the practicality of such dress needs no proof. This is as well one of the variants to buy cheap dresses.
Witness’ dress can be both long and short. Décolleté is acceptable. However, we need to balance the openness: the shorter the dress, the closest the top. And vice versa, you can afford a deep neckline, if the dress is long. By the way, according to the rules of etiquette, it is allowed to wear long evening dresses only on those activities that are not earlier than 17-19 hours. If the registration of a marriage is planned for daytime – the floor-length dress is desired. If you want to comply with all the rules, then buy a cocktail dress. If you can afford, you can buy two dresses. Don’t forget that your dress should match the bride’s in style and degree of formality.
Recently, one of the big trends of bride’s fashion in Europe is having each bridesmaid select a dress that works for her. You can still have a classy effect without putting the girls in the same ensemble. Many shops use the same fabric and shades in their clothes for each season, so this is too easy. You may go shopping all together and let each bridesmaid find a dress that will approach her budget. If you all shop as a group, you can be lucky enough to buy cheap dresses. If you have a small budget but you want to look gorgeous, the only way out is to rent a dress for the celebration.
As for the trend wedding dresses of this season, the first thing to note is that the color of ivory is recognized the most fashionable; it is quite versatile, elegant and incredibly harmonizes with the bride’s dress. The dress in such color should be very simple and perfectly fit the bride’s figure. For this dress you will not need any extra details, the main thing is a good cut, which will emphasize all the advantages of your figure.
Red color seems never loose its popularity. Choosing the red dress, you should do a minimum make-up and manage without bulky accessories. The red color will always stand you out from the crowd. Even buying a cheap dress you will look absolutely irresistible. Besides, then you can wear it on the other celebration, as it is only a wedding dress puts on once in life.

A few simple tips will help you to choose the right dress:

  •  First of all, we must remember that the bridesmaid dress should be selected only after the bride had bought her wedding dress. In this case the perfect combination and harmony of their outfits guaranteed. Today, designers and stylists recommend the bridesmaid to go to a wedding salon together with the bride. It is quite probable that the assortment of this salon will allow picking up the dress to the prom queen’s friend. It is not recommended to put on the dress from radically opposite texture of the fabric. If the bride chose a strict satin, you need to abandon lacy material. For such a mission it will be better to choose chiffon and crepe.
  •  Cheap dresses for a bridesmaid, as well as the bride’s dresses, can be bought in the online shop. However, in this case it is possible to buy unsuitable dress. Abroad becomes popular a single color palette for all the female guests of the celebration. As a rule, European bride chooses the color palette of the bridesmaids dresses. In this case, there may be conflicts – what is ideal for one figure, is not perfectly fits the owner of non-standard forms. In order to avoid dissatisfaction designers invented clothes “smoothly flowing” into one another. Thus, if to the owners of dark skin fit bright red shades, the invited blondes can wear dresses in the light pink tone. At the same time the single color palette will remain unchanged.
  •  The bridesmaid should consider the fact that she couldn’t avoid compromising and active wedding competitions. That is why you should not choose very long or too short dresses.
  • The bride’s friend should remember that the main decoration of the bridesmaid – is attentive care of newlyweds, a dazzling smile and a good mood throughout the celebration.

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