Cashmere sweaters: what you would not want to take off!

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Cashmere is ideal material for elegant, comfortable and warm clothes. This weightless wool allows you to feel like a lady. Coco Chanel must have thought of cashmere thing when she said: “luxe must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”.

What is cashmere and why is it so valuable? This fiber is also called the diamond of all woolen goods. Cashmere is obtained from a special breed of mountain goat which is born and lives in the Himalayas at a height of several thousand feet above the sea level. The climate there is very severe and as a result poor vegetation. But the wool of such goat is fabulous in its properties; it has a silky texture, almost weightless, but very warm. In ancient times one believed that those who wear cashmere on bare skin may feel special sensation.

Over the centuries cashmere has been the privilege of royal houses and luxury estates. This is one of the most luxurious wool in the whole world. Gentle and soft – it can touch the skin and does not irritate it.

It is not surprising that the world’s best manufacturers of clothes were interested in cashmere. The main qualities of cashmere – light weight and perfect thermal insulation are still popular by designers every winter season. We are ready to forgive cashmere small shortcomings in the form of high prices and difficulties for the care of such clothing, as any of us feels luxurious in the cashmere!

The stylists argue that cashmere sweater or cardigan should be in every woman’s wardrobe. This is one of the basic things. Because wearing it with jeans you would get casual variant for work or walk and in combination with a shiny skirt or trousers – the variant for a party.

Let us recall one more advantage of cashmere – it allows feeling comfortable in any weather, even though many of us consider this fabric a winter material. Cashmere is not as stuffy and hot as usual wool that is why cashmere cardigan will warm you in the summer evening and bring comfort in winter.

How to correctly choose a cashmere thing?

cashmere clothingIndeed, how to not be mistaken and buy a qualitative thing? First of all, just run your hand along the sweater. Hand is the universal indicator; you will feel the softness, which should give cashmere. Secondly, pay attention to the fact that from qualitative things do not fly off the small fluffs and threads. You should pay attention to its composition. 100% cashmere is, of course, perfect for luxurious things. However, the mixture of cashmere and silk is also acceptable. In this case, the price should be lower than that of pure cashmere thing. 100% cashmere sweater costs in average 100$, if there are impurities it costs cheaper. Although, some famous brands have cashmere sweaters which cost 400$ – 600$.

Uncolored cashmere considered to be more durable and qualitative. These are metallic and gray shades. The specialists think that the natural colors are the most exquisite and show the good quality of wool.

Today can be found completely different things: from cashmere cardigan to tunic, from sweater to the top. Interwoven of lurex thread or other threads into the cashmere is acceptable and occurs frequently.

If you buy 100% cashmere, the label must indicate that the thing is made of double thread. Cashmere is a fragile soft thread, so the two-layering guarantees the good quality.

There is one more test. Put your hand under the cashmere fabric. If the hand rayed through the wool it means that the product has not enough cashmere, and there will be no properties of this material. Necessarily turn the thing inside out and check all the seams, this will prevent the sprawling of the thing.

Yossi Cohen, the designer of the legendary brand Ballantyne, knows how to choose a cashmere sweater and to keep it in perfect condition even after years.

  1.  Do not be afraid to buy cashmere of bright colors. In modern conditions the coloring process does not affect on quality. Can not choose the color? Choose colored rhombuses, which are significant pattern for the Ballantyne. We are ready to help you and with more original solutions as our factories have been mastered the technology of weaving the entire painting. Today, we can fulfill any pattern and reproduce the most complicated designs.
  2.  When choosing cashmere clothing, find out where were produced raw materials. The best is from remote areas of China and the Old Mongolia. There are very severe winters and soft warm undercoat – cashmere, saves goats from cold.
  3.  Cashmere threads are very thin and fragile. Therefore wash things manually and use a special shampoo. Dry cleaning for these fibers is too aggressive, under the influence of chemicals threads may decay. Cashmere in general should be washed as infrequently as possible, even the best, made of special yarn 1/14000, of high quality and durability.
  4.  Invest in cashmere. The purchase of a coat or the cashmere cardigan is rather expensive investment, but these things would remain in the wardrobe for years. Cashmere has no equal by softness, lightness and warmth. Grace Kelly and Gianni Agnelli (founder of the company Fiat) also understood this and some things, not poor celebrities, have been wearing from year to year.
  5.  How and where to buy cashmere? Well of course, you can buy any thing in the store, but if you are not a passionate fan of shopping we recommend you to use the online services. Cashmere things are of such a good quality that you can choose them by photos.

How to wash cashmere thing?

  • – The best way is a hand wash. Despite the fact that modern washing machine offers a delicate cycle of washing.
  • – Before washing inspect the thing carefully. First check the thing outside and then turn inside out and inspect the armpits, cuffs and collar.
  • – Remove all lint. You can use a comb, special adaptations or do it manually. They appear even on the qualitative things in the process of wearing, and not being washed. Therefore, firstly remove the lint only then wash it.
  • – Hand wash is the best variant. In cool water add a small amount of shampoo for cashmere. It is very important to use the product of good quality for washing in order the yarn to preserve natural oils. One says that when you do not have special funds you can use soft shampoo. It is not necessary to squeeze cashmere thing – it may deform it. Carefully lay out the thing in the sink and let the water flow down. You can easily help with your hands, but do not squeeze!
  • – Drying. Cashmere sweaters should be dried also separately. Do not hang up! It is best to do in such a way. Lay out a clean, dry towel and put on it a cashmere thing. Let the towel absorb the moisture. Then take a dry towel again and spread out a sweater in a warm room (good, if you have a drying oven, or something similar to it, then the warm air comes from the bottom up, and the drying process will be much faster). During the night the sweater would dry. You can iron only with a steam! Never dry cashmere on the battery and do not use the hair dryer! It will spoil the delicate wool; make it hard and unpleasant to the touch.

How to keep the cashmere?

  • – For cashmere is disastrous the excessive humidity, therefore, it is better to remove cashmere sweater into a separate paper or plastic bag. Keep away from light, dust and moisture.
  • – Always wash before storing, as it may change color or become lure for the moths.
  • – From moth cashmere can be protected with the help of ordinary naphthalene tablets or cedar balls that are sold in commercial departments. If you have spray from moth, do not use it directly on cashmere and do it on paper, which you would put into the package with a cashmere thing.

Some more warnings:

  • – do not wear cashmere sweaters too often, no matter how it is nice. Cashmere has the ability to regain its form, so let it rest;
  • – protect the cashmere things from rough textures, such as metal and leather. It is better to combine cashmere with a pearl thread than with metallic necklace. Bags, bracelets, belts also can ruin the delicate surface of the cashmere.
  • – make regular “peeling” of the product. Remove pellets in time, otherwise the thing will loose its luxurious look.

The high price on cashmere clothing is justified by complicated collection of raw materials: to create a scarf one need to take wool from one goat, from two – a blouse, from three – a dress or coat. Buying during the season at least one thing from cashmere, you would not regret!

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