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Cashmere has long become one of the obvious signs of the bourgeoisie, the indicator of wealth and status in society. Cashmere clothing is valued around the world for its softness and the property to keep the warmth. Cashmere coats will become the trend of the season. Their color will vary from white to black in any scheme. The colored coats in no way inferior to primordial products. Professionals have learned to use the latest technology in painting and processing of cashmere. Unusual and bright colors. All the popular colors without damage to the tissue and the owner.

Cashmere fabric has a number of significant advantages, allowing it to rightfully occupy an honored place among the classic materials for clothing. Thanks to its unique natural origin, cashmere fabric is one of the soft, warm, durable and light. However, cashmere is among the fairly expensive and luxury materials. That is why many designers simply adore using cashmere fabric in their collections of women’s coats, which, perhaps, will never go out of fashion.
So what colors of women’s cashmere coat will be relevant in 2013? The undisputed trend will become the classic in the form of the combination of white and black, underlined with interesting cut. Very urgent will be green and blue tones. Shades of these colors have served for many collections of famous designers the basic. The lovers of warm palette can also pamper with bright new clothes. This cashmere coatswas reflected in the coats. Red and orange literally blew up the world catwalks on the shows 2013. Experiment! So, do not scowl in the choice of the color.
The coats differ with interesting collars and silhouettes. Fashion houses like to deal with cashmere, because the fabric lends itself well to cut and sewing. Since it is quite easy to work with it and the cost is equivalent to furs.
Demi-season or winter coats in any case look stylish. In addition, you will fell warm and comfortable. Add accessories. Cashmere coats love the stylish neckerchief and feminine gloves. Do not forget about handbags or clutches. If you want to emphasize the waist, unusual belt will help you with this.

Cashmere coats can be both autumn and winter, depending on the style and the choice of fabric for warmth. Winter cashmere coat usually has the fur lining. It protects against the cold. No frosts are terrible. This season any length is welcome.
It is worth choosing long winter variant. The wide gate of the asymmetric cut gives the special style and excellent protection from the wind. You can pick up the cashmere gloves or muff. Pay attention to the color. They should not be in tune with the tone of the coat. Do not be afraid to play with colors.
This season the designers do not advise to buy women’s cashmere coat with buttons or zippers. In their view, zip on the coat should be countersunk in order to in no way to violate the strict, but at the same time, graceful and elegant appearance. The coat can be worn on cashmere coats2the knitted cardigan and complement with brooch and the thin belt.

Men’s cashmere coat.

Strong half of humanity likes to look presentable. Along with expensive watches and shoes it is much important to have good outerwear. Here cashmere fits perfectly. Color of the wet asphalt, black, dark brown – these are the colors of business people. Man’s coat may be slightly shortened or classic length. It can be worn over the jacket while your suit did not lose its shape.
During the cold season you can wear the hat. This will give the image a little gangster gloss. For young people in the next season are created more modern versions of cashmere coats. They look great with jeans or creative trousers. Various colors and designs allow you to pick the model to the figure.

Fashion changes but the real quality of the product remains. Cashmere coat will serve you for many years. The only thing is to take care about its safety. There is no need to rush under the rain or swim in the snow. Try to take cover under an umbrella. Expensive pleasure is better to protected. Choose only tested dry cleaning. It is very easy to spoil cashmere and almost impossible to recover.

Try to be very careful!

One of the main designer tips are recommendations on the creation of the most complete image. For this purpose they propose to use various accessories: fun handbags, belts, gloves, scarves and knitted scarves. Special attention should be given to the style and cut of the coat. The presence of a certain zest, whether it is unusual silhouette, refined collar or underlined waist, would only add the uniqueness, grace and elegance every female. In this case, as always, it is necessary to have the sense of proportion and moderation in the details.

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