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With the coming cold weather the undisputed favorite will be soft, warm and cozy knitwear. Cardigans, sweaters, jackets, dresses will be very useful in the autumn-winter season. Knitted goods claim to be the real hit in the coming season. Volume and form-fitting, long and short, coarse knit and very thin, plain and with bright patterns, with braids and asymmetrical edges – any fashion girl will choose something. It is important not to overdo it with bulky items, as in such clothes the figure may seem devoid of the silhouette. You should carefully approach to the choice of textures and colors of knitted goods by combining bright and colorful with a calmer and self-colored, in order not to get the gypsy look. We propose to consider the main variants of knitted products, the variants of the right wearing a combination with the other elements of clothing.

Women’s cable knit sweater.

Favorites of autumn-winter 2012-2013 will be warm and practical knitted cardigans. This is an essential part of the wardrobe for the cold season of the year, when you want warmth and tenderness.

Knit sweatercan be short or extra long.

Short cardigan with a flat shoulder and wide sleeves, with buttons or asymmetrical zipper goes well with tight jeans or short narrow skirt. This cardigan can be worn with a narrow leather belt, which would add the image femininity and highlight dignity of the figure. You can decorate such cable knit cardigan with a scarf, brooch or a fabric or knitted flower.

Extra long cardigan can be made of wool or cotton, large or small knit, the texture is not important, the main thing is with what it is best to wear such cardigan. It looks best with a short skirt or a skirt-midi. It’s just like a short, can be worn with a narrow leather belt. Long cardigan can be worn instead of coat in the autumn.

The leaders in the fashion world are black cardigans, as they are universal, fit any outfit and are combined with any shoes, look great and in the office and at the party, in the circle of friends and during the journey. With black cardigans go well chocolate and other discreet colors. Also looks great cable knit cardigan with bright prints and decorated with ethnic patterns.


Sweaters would never go out of fashion, as it is an irreplaceable thing in cold weather. Sweater is a practical thing and this season it has taken a decent place in the world of fashion. Popular in this season sweaters can be worn not only as a warming thing, but for work and to the party. Fashion trends fall-winter 2012-2013 bring a new style of wearing sweaters, new cuts and color solutions. Let’s consider the features of fashionable sweaters and ways of their combination in ensemble with other things.

The shape.

The form of sweaters in this season is diverse and inconsistent – narrow and wide, asymmetrical and with extended edges, with a hood and high collar.
fashion knitwearClassic sweaters with shawl collar or V-shaped as well as sports variants are perfectly combined with narrow leather pants or skinny jeans. But this style is suitable only for slender young girls, otherwise it will look ridiculous. Solid sweaters with a high collar are perfectly combined with colorful or two-colored pants, light coat and bright leather bag.

Bulky cable knit sweater will look especially attractive with a light summer dress, which would give the possessor of such an ensemble a special French charm. One more variant of the trend approach – a combination of volumetric sweater with wide trousers, but it is desirable that a sweater and trousers were of different colors, not to merge with each other.

The length.

Relevant in the autumn-winter season 2012-2013 will be elongated sweater style, like tunics or dresses-sweaters. They look great with no less relevant leggings, tight jeans and tight pants. The designers also offer to wear long sweaters with floor-length skirts and high boots.
Then go very short sweaters, barely covering the navel. They perfectly match with trendy in this season shorts. And if you will put on such sweater over a dress or a long shirt – you, without any doubt, would be in the trend. One more variant is a pencil skirt with a high waist plus sweater with a very short cut.


On the first place in this season are sweaters with original patterns, in Scandinavian and ethnic style. On the second place are sweaters of bright colors and with various prints – geometric, abstract and holographic. Furthermore, the sweaters can be decorated with embroidery, appliqué, embroidered with stones.

Knitted dresses.

Knitted dresses in autumn-winter season 2102-2013 actively replacing the traditional fashion and apply for the leader of fashionable Olympus. The most relevant the designers consider knitted dresses with asymmetrical details, availability of original elements and a certain carelessness of lines silhouette.

The form.

The designers in this season put dresses of fine wool and very body hugging style on the first place; it is something like a “second skin”. These dresses look very seductive and sexy, but they are only for owners of ideal forms.
Dresses-tunics will fit everyone. You should wear these dresses with a turtleneck, over the basic top or ordinary fabric dress.

The length.

If to speak about the length of knitted dresses, so there are no criteria. This season you can wear dresses slightly longer than sweaters, floor-length dresses or up to the knee.


The most relevant in the coming season will be the dresses with geometric patterns – squares, rectangles, circles and triangles. For advocates of classics there are dresses with striped pattern.
Very popular is fur or leather trim, as well as the use of chameleon threads that changes its color, not only because of the intensity of the lighting, but also because of the temperature of the surrounding air.


The old and long forgotten knitted poncho comes back into fashion world. This is an indispensable thing for cold winter evenings, in which you can wrap yourself up and feel warm and cozy.
Many designers in fashion shows autumn-winter 2012-2013 presented ideas of stylish poncho with fringe or branded embroidery, chaotically decorated with interwoven braids or knobs, weaving course or openwork, decorated with natural wool or stones.
The designers offer to combine poncho with narrow pants and shoes with very high heels. Appropriate will be such decorations as bracelets, long necklaces and chains.

Knitted goods, this is one of the current trends in autumn-winter season. Fashionable knitwear differs in volume. Large ropes, bumps, diamonds and braids are used, but exaggerated relief should not look rough. Knitted fabric also differs with traditional patterns, applications and a large range of colors. In fashion are elongated models of sweaters (dresses-sweaters), cable knit cardigans, tunics and knitted dresses, as well as knitted overalls and tights.

Styling tips: the brighter the clothes, the more modest cardigan or sweater, and vice versa. Also, the thinner the knitwear, the narrower is the belt. Belted cardigan can be not button up; this is a trendy technique which adds the silhouette an hourglass shape.

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