Blouses 2013: styles, patterns, trends

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Blouse – it is perhaps one of the most magical things of women’s wardrobe which allows refreshing and renewing the image with a minimum effort. And no wonder that ladies are chasing by its number: the more blouses – the more fashion transformations. And fashion blouses 2013 will certainly become the objects of particular active pursuit. The designers offered so many interesting blouse patterns and materials that just the eyes diverge.

Classical, romantic models marked with avant-garde notes perfectly harmonize with skirts 2013; many of them will fit virtually all the occasions. For example, a strict, but at the same time very spicy pencil skirt can be safely combined with the shirt of the office type, with a lace top and with the model of a seductive chiffon.


Talk about that the women’s blouses of the shirt type are again in vogue, just do not make sense. But, in fact, they are never come out of fashion. Models of this type have been in high esteem even in our mothers and grandmothers, who called them batniki. For these blouse patterns the presence of the turndown collar and clasp on the bar, located at the front is obligatory. The only difference with the man’s shirts is that it is tailored taking into account the peculiarities of the female figure.

However, not all the designers follow in 2013 the classic concept of the shirt. For example, Dries Van Noten presented a certain mix between a white man’s shirt (from there were borrowed sleeves with cuffs) and turtleneck (visual detail – high collar-clamp).

Blouses with long and wide sleeves.

blouses 2013One of the major trends in 2013 becomes extended and volumetric sleeves on the blouses. They may look a little bit strange – the last time the boom on these things was in the distant nineties of the last century. But they are very comfortable and allow masking too full or too thin arms. Together with such sleeves the shoulder pads become relevant because the volume requires a kind of “foundation”. Interesting are shirt from Balenciaga – the sleeves of a “bat” type and the complete absence of clasp.

Blouses with sleeves up to the elbow.

If the fashion coats 2013 have the sleeves with the length of “three quarters”, the designers found more attractive another format of the blouse designs – up to the elbow. It gives a special chic to sporty and classic models, and pure white and decorated with multilayered ruffles blouses from Dolce & Gabbana thanks to this approach gain a completely different character – rustic, but quite cute and charming. Long sleeves can be rolled up to the elbow, but the image will immediately become informal.

Blouses with ribbons and scarves.

Fashion is favorable to feminine blouses in the form of a bow, which is fastened on the breast or under the collar. However, for those who think that the bow is too naive and outdated, there is another option – collars-scarves. You need not to tie and straighten their ends, they may hang completely free. Such blouse designs were presented by trends Valentino, Jonathan Saunders, Alberta Feretti and some others.

Chiffon blouses.

Light, airy and translucent chiffon allowed the designers to realize the most daring fantasies. Blouses of this material do not look modest – even more, the advanced designers offer to wear them without underwear, just on the naked body. Of course, it’s too boldly, and not every woman or girl will dare to wear it. But in general, chiffon blouses are great. They have at the same time and something vintage, something gipsy. All these details are full of romance and it is very hard to resist.

Lacy blouses.

Lace and guipure may compete with chiffon from the standpoint of spice. Blouses from these smart materials in 2013 also are among the favorites. Basically, they are either in black or white color. These blouse patterns do not differ in volume – on the contrary, they are quite close to the body and emphasize its tenderness and beauty. You should wear lacy blouses primarily with skirts – at least, none of the designers have showed the mixes with pants or shorts.

Unexpected combinations can be found, for example, in the collection of Erdem – the lacy blouse with a leather skirt. Modern life demands of us fragile creatures, active position and a good appearance simultaneously. Fashion blouses of the office style, in the coming year would surprise us with its variety and shock the conscience with the beauty of trendy details that raise the spirit during the normal working day. This is the kind of clothing that can easily be worn in any season. It can easily be combined and underscores the unique fashion trend of your image in the cold autumn-winter season.

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