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The designers prepare for the coming spring not only the beautiful half of humanity, but the strong. It is well known fact that the modern men also tend be aware of trends in the world of fashion and want to dress up stylishly. At the same time they are even in greater degree than the women appreciate the comfort and versatility of clothes. Miuccia Prada proposed usual black trench coat men in the new vision, which, according to the designer, must comply with the new fashion trends of the spring season. There are no fancy forms, no asymmetry or large accessories – only the classics with the new material. The participants of the show had the pleasure personally see how easily it can change the person’s style, if to change only one associated accessories and the businessman would easily turn into an amateur of the club rest.

Miuccia Prada creates clothing for all ages. Both, mature men and boys participate in her shows. She is not a fan of contrast and prefers monochromaticism. Her favorite color of this season is black. Barely visible buttons and English collar give the presented coat rigor that can be diversified by wearing trousers of contrasting color. The collection of famous designer turned to be the most adapted to everyday life.
Miuccia presented to the attention of her fans the real hit of the spring season – the model with a turndown collar. Externally, they are similar to the shirts but this detail has already become not only the trend but a real find! By the way, it is surprising that all the Prada’s men coats look great on women. At the show of the men’s collection took part even the girls and the most interesting thing – nobody was surprised!
black trench coat menIn the collections of fashion designers there are so many models of the black trench coat in classic style. These models have the straight silhouette, with double-breasted fastener and the average length. The trend of the spring-autumn season is the black coat. No less relevant will be celled coats. Still in fashion are the trench and the military style. The real hit become the coats with fur collars.
Dress code, of course, has not been canceled and the business style will always be out of time and fashion trends. Almost in all the collections of the men’s coats spring  anyway was present the classic, realized in the works of “costume” type, with English collar, with minimal decoration in the form of one or two rows of buttons. Restrained color – the black, despite the seeming simplicity, gives a special elegance and status. In short, everything was thought out.
The fashionistas still like the trench – the single-breasted coat in a three-quarter with a hood. Wearing such coat, the man looks stylish and attractive. Such model has an unusual clasp with loops from the cord or leather. The most demanded in the spring-autumn season will be black trench coat men. In such outerwear everyone would feel comfortable and warm. On the catwalks were represented men’s fashion coats in military style. The black color of wool, metal buttons in two rows and the half surrounding silhouette resembles the modern overcoat. In this outwear the man would look courageously and stylish.

For everyday wear the designers offer the classic double-breasted trenches. They decorate their creations with the fur collars and embroidery. For example, in the collection of Dolce & Gabbana the men’s trenches were decorated with embroidery and in the black trench coat men2collection of Emporio Armani they were decorated with beautiful fur collar.
In the collections of fashion designers there are strict and unusual models. The strict models can be either single or double-breasted. The length of the coat reaches the knees. The designers offer the fashionistas strict black trench coat men. No less beautiful and original look the model that combines black color with chocolate brown shades and with blue and beige.
Giorgio Armani glorifies the cult of the body. The collection of the men’s coats spring  from Emporio Armani did not hide this fact, but instead emphasized the dignity of all inflated torsos. The designer believes that the fine texture of cotton, linen and leather can be ductile, and he brings the cut of clothing to perfection. The designer likes to create an elegant style of grunge, create unusual silhouettes, amorphous things, which, however, seem very expensive. This time, he slightly changed his tactics, creating the model for spring  in accordance with fashion trends.

The business style can be both versatile and practical.

This spring Prada also recommends the men choose classic and minimalist. Most of the models showed on the catwalk are made in strict black color. The cut of clothing is simple, minimum of finishing elements and accessories. Buttons are present on a very few coats, most of the models have countersunk fastener in order not to divert the attention and create the sense of uniformity of texture. Universality and classic of the men’s coat for spring  on the Fashion Show was shown in all. The classic is shows in the direct and free tailoring and the length of the model to the mid-thigh. Universality lies in the fact that to wear such thing is possible and in the office, and for walk through the city, and going to visit. Besides, the coat from Prada from the new collection can be worn with equal success by both men and women.

Striking element in the image.

Despite the fact that Miuccia Prada offered the classical solution in traditionally male color combinations, she decided to spice up the usual macho image by making it more vivid. The designer has achieved this without resorting for radical changes in the composition of styles and fabrics. Particular emphasis was made on related designer clothing items that allow profitable outplay the classic men’s black coat in a new light. Therefore, those who follow the world fashion trends should be sure to buy for their wardrobe the vivid sweater, shirt or jacket. A good supplement will become narrow trousers of the contrasting color inserts under tons of clothing. The real gem of the show became the coat with a collar and strips of contrasting colors.

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