Black cardigan or white cardigan? Universal solution for all occasions

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In the cold season cardigan is simply irreplaceable thing. This is a jacket which fastens with a zipper or buttons, and blends perfectly with dresses, suits, youth and sport styles. Cardigan can be worn not only in winter but in summer. For example, cool or windy evenings. Designers offer to your attention a lot of shapes and colors, but what’s right for you?

For a start, decide where you are going to wear this or that cardigan. For example, for work choose a cardigan of strict shades, without any decorations and draperies. In the business team you should follow the style.
For celebrations, sports and walks you can choose bold and bright colored cardigans. They can also be decorated with sequins, embroidery, draping, buttons, etc. Cardigan is simply irreplaceable thing that can be worn at home.

Always choose cardigans from natural fabrics. They are quite pleasant to touch, does not cause allergic reactions and excellent retain heat. But consider: the price of these products is much higher. Cardigans made of synthetic materials are cheaper, but the quality lives much to be desired. They wear out and lose its color faster. When buying cardigan you must pay attention to the fabric. There should be written, that it is 100% wool. Alpaca, camel and sheep are perfect for the cold season. Ensuring that it is really 100% wool, you should carefully study the very fabric. It must be pleasant to touch, soft and uniform. The loops for the buttons and the seams should be well treated.

If it is a qualitative model, the buttons are made of pearl or horn. Also can be used mineral, wood, marble buttons. On the cheaper models they are made of usual plastic.
how to choose a cardigan Very popular are fashion linen cardigans of ivory color and with buttons made of sterling silver. Women also like cardigans decorated with chinchilla fur or crocodile skin. For the warmer times of the year you can purchase a classic black cardigan sweater made of silk or cotton. It is ideal for the office. Single-colored cardigan should be worn with a blouse of contrasting color, simple trousers and a tie.

The length of cardigans.

Depending on the length can be selected as successful combination, and not so. Let’s consider, with what to wear short and long cardigans to make you look fashionable and stylish.

With what to wear short cardigan?

If you have decided to wear a short cardigan, first of all you must define with the style. Cardigan can be fitted or perhaps free. As well as the length can be quite short, and a little below the hips.
With the short form-fitting cardigans you may put on skinny jeans and high-heeled shoes. You can also wear a medium length skirt, up to the knee. It can be as flared skirt and stylish “pencil”.

More over, when the weather pleases us with warm days, you may bravely wear with a short white or black cardigan sweater a bright shirt and breeches. Short shorts will also perfectly fit into such an ensemble.

With what to wear long cardigan?

Long cardigans are loved by many, as they give vent to imagination in drawing fashion combinations.
Elongate cardigans go perfectly with leggings, skinny jeans, slacks, straight skirts with the length up to the knee.
For example, a long cardigan, a stylish light blouse, black skirt and strict high heels are an excellent combination of clothes for work.

In general, long cardigans are combined practically with any clothing. You can also wear a dress with high boots and a stylish cardigan with a belt. As for the top, you may put on shirts, tops, blouses, T-shirts. The choice of shoes is up to you. It may be feminine shoes with high heels or massive shoes in men’s style.

Long cardigan which is worn with shorts or breeches will look more interesting, if you will put on tights to match the shorts.In general, long cardigans with a belt help to emphasize elegance and femininity. With an emphasis on the waist, your figure acquires more slender form.

Very often during the first cold, the girls wear cardigans instead of a coat or jacket. Taking into account the convenience and practicality of such a thing as a cardigan, every girl should have in her wardrobe at least a few cardigans for different times of the year.

Colors and shades.

Depending on the color of cardigan, you can pick up other things as well as accessories.
With what to wear gray cardigan?

In general, gray color is quite nice. And depending on the shade, gray cardigans can be worn for job and in everyday life. Gray cardigan will approach any clothes and any color. For example, pale pink jeans and a T-shirt of the same shade will look well. But the shoes and the bag can already combine the pink and gray colors.
With what to wear black cardigan?

The black color is universal. It will fit almost any clothing. And moreover, black cardigan sweater can be worn even with an evening dress.It can be as light clothing as well as dark. An appropriate will look clothes of silver, white and pale pink colors.

With what to wear colored cardigans?
Cardigan of different colors should be carefully chosen, so that they match the rest of clothes and shoes.
Such cardigans can please you if you are going on a romantic meeting. Putting it on with a light and airy dress and you will look stylish and fashionable.

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