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Girls often underestimate the hat but in vain. Summer hats are necessary for each girl – thatched, crocheted or linen, it is never too much. During the July heat you would feel yourself better in a beautiful summer hat. With the advent of cold weather take away your favorite summer hats just to get new ones: hats made of felt, cowboy hats and even thatched or colored hats can be worn almost all year round.

Whatever hats you are wearing – big hats with brims or small elegant hats which cover only part of the head, a dizzying success is guaranteed. Different hats create unexpected images, so change the roles like gloves or hats.

The word “hat” from German means a headwear that keeps a stable form. It consists of the bottom, crown and the field. For making hats are used various materials – straw, felt, cloth, leather, fur, fabric, etc. Due to the size variation of the crown, the fields and the bottom, there are many styles of hats. Nowadays every man’s hat can be female.

The mistress of the Wild West.

Cowboy hat could instantly transform you into conqueror of the desert prairie. Cowboy hat is the traditional leather or felt hat with a wide, bent up fields. The material is not so important (there is even cowboy straw hats), but the form of the hat must be perfect. Previously, these hats were worn only by men, but now it is easy to say that this is truly hats for women. Classical variant is to wear a cowboy hat with a conventional, a little rubbed jeans and a shirt.


The cowboy hat would look very interesting with light sundresses, especially if you would finish the image with the boots in the style of the Wild West. It is now the most fashionable image for music festivals and walks. But do not go too far: hat should not be of the same material as the outer clothing. In particular, the cowboy hat in everyday life look bad with printed clothes, for example cows print, so you risk resembling a mannequin from the historical museum.

create your own imageWide-brimmed hat is a recognized leader in 2012. The variety of fabrics from which are made wide-fashion hats can not but please: satin, straw, wool, polyester, cotton, velvet – all this is great for creating a stylish and laid-back image. Wide-brimmed big hats can be worn with elegant jackets and trousers, elegant and sophisticated dresses and with light sundresses from flowing fabrics. Lowering the edges of the hat, any woman can become sexier and more mysterious to others.

There is a rich variety of styles of wide-brimmed hats: straight, curved, round and even square fields, low and high crown. The fields can be not only wide, but just huge – a kind of hats-burdocks. You should not wear such a wonderful accessory only on the territory of the beach, it is not worth it. Such models would be appropriate for going outs and even for an evening out. A special attention deserve white cowboy hats with wide curved fields which designers offer to boldly wear with evening dresses. Looks very impressive!

The mysterious spy.

We associate felt hats with spies, detectives and military journalists and all this thanks to movie stars in the black hats from Hollywood films of 40th’s. As you might guess, felt hats are usually called the hats, made of especially soft material – felt. However, more often a combination of “felt hat” means a special style of a hat with three small dents on top and soft fields. Most often the felt hat is wrapped with tape. Since this hat came to us from a man’s wardrobe, it looks great with a strict suit or jacket.

The most popular of these mysterious women’s hats is black hat. Black hat of this style is popular among the celebrities: Sienna Miller wears a black hat even to the evening reception, and Keira Knightley looks like a boy with one hand shielding the knitted sweater, while the other holding a black hat on her head. Put on strict coat and black gloves, and a little get down on eyes a felt hat – you would become enveloped in an attractive mystery. If you would get tired of playing in a spy, take an example from our stars, try to combine felt hat with short shorts like Britney Spears or black dress like Lindsay Lohan.


Small hats always look feminine and elegant. However, any hat can compete with a hat with a veil. These hats will make any girl look hereditary aristocrat of blue blood. Nowadays hats with veils can be meet less frequently that is why they become even more desirable accessories in every wardrobe. Tell the truth, you’ve always wanted to wear this hat, wide-or just a little hat in the shape of a cylinder or a tablet hat with a mysterious veil which going down the face.

Hat with a veil look very solemn, so it is difficult to wear it in everyday life. These hats are the most desirable and fashionable accessory for a wedding. You should not have to be a bride to wear this hat, for example, the most feminine guest at the wedding of Prince William and Kate was a Spanish Princess Letizia – she had a pink hat with a veil that a little closed her eyes.


Look on street photos of foreign celebrities wearing hats, they are often embarrassingly lower their heads and hide their eyes from the flashes of paparazzi over a straw hat. A straw hat adds to the image a sloppy chic, giving the impression that you put on the first thing found in the closet, threw the hat on and looks stylish with minimal effort. Jennifer Aniston wears a straw hat with white shorts and wedge-heeled shoes, Sarah Jessica Parker combines a black straw hat with a leather jacket, and Blake Lovely prefers to wear a bright green dress with a straw hat with a wide brim. By the way it is easy to find big head hats made of this material. A straw hat deservedly considered the best among all summer hats; it protects your head from overheating, and hair and skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

So do not forget to grab a summer hat, going on vacation. A bright swimsuit, favorite Cosmo in hand and wet hair peeking out from under a large straw hat – it is how should look the star of the beach. Do not think that the summer hats and beach hats are one and the same. Light summer hats can be worn in the hot city everyday. No doubt, a straw hat would make you a celebrity in the beach as well as in the town.

Modest tourist.

White hat is another decent copy in the collection of women’s hats. Beach hat traditionally should be of light colors to reflect the sun’s rays, so it is better to choose white hat when going on summer vocation. In Anapa there is even a monument to “the very white hat”. It probably refers to the traditional white hat, which can be found on heads of every other guest. A good choice is also wide big hats made of linen.

Linen hats also protect good from harmful solar radiation and are combined with light sundresses. Other variant of beach hats is a small knitted hat, which looks great on the owner of the long hair. If there is too much time before the vocation, it’s time to try on the sea image where the white hat in combination with the stripped vests would be the key elements. Moschino designers offer to wear white hats with big earrings and bright jackets, and such stars as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton wear white summer hats with the same white dresses.

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