Best t-shirts and tops for women. Fashionable summer

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Funny fashion t-shirts 2013 differ in variety of styles and shapes. Of course, fashion women’s t-shirts are mostly relevant in the warm season, when the tender sun warms and the body asks to wear less clothing. Namely funny t-shirts are the best choice for walks in summer days, and decorated with unusual pattern or original design will be a real treasure for any woman.

But besides the summer, cool women’s t-shirts are relevant for goings into sport or just for an active lifestyle. After all, these clothes specifically designed for movement, fashion t-shirts allow to move freely, not constraining the body. It is hard to find the better clothes for the gym, but when besides the convenience the women’s t-shirts please the eye, the pleasure you get doubled.

Various designs and patterns on the fabric is sometimes amaze with the wealth of imagination and flight of thought of the fashion clothing designers. Sometimes some pictures are worthy to be exhibited in the gallery, namely because of this, for the cool women’s t-shirts more often than for any other clothes are applied different designs and patterns. Because it is not the official style, there are no strict rules and conventions; t-shirt is like an independent unit in the wardrobe and depending on the style, can be used in almost any clothing ensemble.

Today fashion t-shirts are often used with a strict suit coat or jacket, but cool loose t-shirts are as well popular in a light style. In general, you have a limitless number of options and everything depends on you, as you consider necessarily combining in general ensemble this element.

Collection of women’s best t-shirts summer 2013 fully comply the fashion trends of the season: a bright individual design, original paintings and prints, a wide range of materials and styles.

fashionable women tops and t-shirts 2013Fashionable women’s t-shirt can have a semi-circular or V-shaped neckline, a classic or loose silhouette and different lengths. In the new season it is fashionable to roll the sleeves of the t-shirt. Many young people prefer to wear loose t-shorts. In the collections there are many women’s t-shirts without sleeves, including feminine models with dropped line of armholes. Many designers inspired by simple lines and minimal cuts, have included in their collections the t-shirts-dresses, among which there are even evening variants. Still in fashion are women t-shirts with inscriptions and drawings, the most relevant is black and white combination and vivid contrast of two colors.

Besides the traditional knitwear, among the fashionable materials used for women’s t-shirts 2013 – a smoothie, perforated leather of the reptiles, as well as its imitations, transparent fabrics, lace and wicker fabric.
In the new season black and white women’s t-shirts are actual, as well as of fashionable pastel and bright colors of the season: of bright red, the color of peon and pink daisy, orange, lemon, emerald, azure and blue. Still in fashion is the design in the style of color blocks. The best t-shorts prints are floral, abstract and geometric print and graphical pictures.

Trendy tops 2013: close your belly button!

This year, the designers have offered fashion tops 2013 in a shortened version. One should not show too much seductive female body. The main rule of fashion tops 2013 – closed belly button.

To hide the belly button behind the folds of cloths, you have to wear tops-bustier together with a pencil skirt with a high waist. In order not to show everyone your body, the designers recommend to complement the top with long skirts of floor-length or midi. In this case, the image will be solid and not vulgar.


What for the decoration of the models, the designers reached a consensus that they should be complemented with bright, colorful and showy parts. These tops will perfectly harmonize with the neutral classical costumes. In the new season you will only have to select suitable fashion accessories 2013 and the handbag.

Choice of fabric.

The best tops 2013 can be of different colors, with or without decorations. Styles and fabrics may also vary. The most popular will be silk, satin, lace, chiffon models. They should be lightweight, translucent, flowing and sexy.
The most popular shades will be: fuchsia, blue and turquoise, wine-red and soft pastel shades. Still in fashion are classic black and white tops.

Tops: direction of the trend.

Minimalistic style – this is the main reference. Ferre introduced the tops from her collection without unnecessary details and finishes. Only the color and material are important, all the attention is accented on it. Leather top is also in favor this season. It will perfectly complement the image of fashion girl.

Light beige option is ideal for fans of the romantic style. Casual tops for everyday life decorated with sequences in tone of the fabric. In addition, there may be small inscriptions made by newspaper typeface.

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