Ball dresses and how to choose a dress for graduation ball

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The majority of graduates are waiting for May since September. And this is not just because of the fact that in May, they will say goodbye to the school and walk the other way. In May, there will be a great event that is very important for every girl – prom. And it is not surprising that the girls start looking for a perfect ball dresses long before the graduation ball. If you can’t find a desired dress, here are some ideas that may help you.


  •  Choose for graduation ball really “adult” evening dress – it is certainly an interesting idea, but in this case there is a risk. Such over-opened or sexual dresses often look on the young girls at least vulgar. Therefore, if you don’t want to hide photos from the prom of your own children and don’t want to be ashamed, it is better to dress up as a young girl, not as an experienced middle-aged woman. You will have a lot of time for this in the future, now you need to enjoy your youth.
  •  It is better to a graduation ball dress of light aircraft fabric, which will not fit the body. Most likely that you’ll be dancing the whole night at full audience, and there could be very hot. Thin straps, American armhole and short sleeves – all this fits the best for an evening dress. If you are feelings that you can sweat – choose a mini or cocktail dresses, but not long!
  •  Trust – wedding dresses or similar to them are not the best variant for graduation ball. Why? See the item above.
  •  It is better to buy the evening dress in the store, because it is not always possible to guess the size. Start searching for your dream in advance to avoid unnecessary hassle and bustle in the last minutes. Especially it concerns online ordering – if you buy a dress, then you should do it a few months before the ball, so if the size doesn’t not match, you will have some time to get it back.
  •  If you can not afford the splendid dress, pay attention to the vintage – they are no less interesting, but are much cheaper. Complementing this outfit with accessory, you will surely be the queen of the ball.
  •  Do not buy a dress a size smaller or too narrow. Perhaps it will look nice on you, but you will not be able neither dancing, nor moving.
  •  Do not know what model to choose for prom? Ask for assistance the dealer or consultant. An important thing – that you must not only like it, but it should fit you well. Even the most glamorous dress can look ridiculous on the girl.
  •  Leave the jeans, pants and capris for everyday wear, even if you wore a dress the last time in the kindergarten. Graduation Ball – a special celebration!
  •  You may ask you friend, sister or mother to accompany you to the shop. The one to whom you can really trust – their objective judgment exactly do not let you down!

choosing a dress for graduation ballIf there is a few months left before the prom, you should start the search viewing of fashion magazines – there can be found some great ideas and then you will be able to implement them with the help of a dressmaker. Learn the latest fashionable trends and popular materials for evening and ball dresses. But not be limited choosing the models shown in magazines – try to create their own dress or add to your favorite model original details. After all, prom dress says a lot about your personality.
Do not afraid to experiment with the length of the dress.
Fortunately, fashion does not limit your choice – you can safely wear a long dress – “princess” or punk dress with torn edges.
The choice of colors is also not limited – classic little black dress, and exquisite purple toilet and feminine blue outfit, sexy dresses with sequins and rhinestones are welcomed.
Choose a fashion that will emphasize the advantages of your figure and hide her weak points. Do not blindly follow the dictates of fashion. Remember that prom dress should make you a queen of the night.
Once again, measure your parameters to find an exact size dress. Measure the circumference of the breast, waist and hips. The more precise matched the dress, less changes you will have to do (or there can be no changes at all).
Accessories will help to make a store-bought dress unique.
Some fine jewelry will live up any outfit for graduation ball. Want to look like the heroine of Shakespeare? Choose a vintage dress and add to it an elegant purse-handbag! Princess dresses perfectly complement the silver, envelope handbag decorated with rhinestones.
You have to select decorations in accordance with color and style of a dress and while selecting earrings be guided by the hair dress.

Want to hide too large hips? Choose a classic ball dress with a fluffy skirt or evening dress that will decorate the bust and neck (with a deep décolleté or open shoulders). In this case, the glance will not stop at the hips, but a little higher – for example on a thin waist. If nature has awarded you with a feminine figure, dress-case or dress with a deep V-neck will emphasize the bending waves of your figure.
If you have other advantages, invisible from the first glance, look for an elegant trapeze dress. This style will emphasize the fragility of your figure and flaring skirt will create the illusion of a more rounded shapes. If your collarbones and shoulders proudly and aristocratic sticking out, don’t choose the strapless dresses or with American armhole. They will make you look even skinnier.
Feel shy because of bulged belly? No problem! You can always hide it under a dress with an appropriate cut. Pay attention to the dress with a high waist or a dress with a corset that will make the waist thinner, and thus emphasize the beautiful bust. Forget about the “princess” dress along with the “Spanish” waist, case-dresses, along with bright spots of color or horizontal stripes – once again draw attention to your waist.
Do you want to look higher? Pay attention to slinky case-dress and a trapeze dress – they add you a few inches. Miniature girls should not choose lush ball dresses.
And finally a few words about the sleeves. If you have full or large hands, choose a dress with short sleeves or transparent lace sleeves. They perfectly hide the fullness of hands above the elbow. With the help of jewelry, try to draw attention to the neck and chest, not the hands. Never buy a sleeveless and strapless dress and the dress with thin straps. Although in every rule there are always exceptions!

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