Aviator goggles – the timeless classics

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“Aviator goggles” were designed by the famous manufacturer of lenses and glasses Bausch & Lombpod brand Ray-Ban in 1936. Also known as “pilot glasses”, the “aviators” were created for pilots to protect their eyes during the flight, hence their original name. The brand Ray-Ban became quickly famous thanks to a good design but began selling these glasses to the public only a year after their creation. Global popularity of the glasses was provided by General Douglas MacArthur, who was photographed on the beach in the Philippines during World War II. The journalists also have managed to picture the legendary commander just in the new glasses – “aviators”. An example of the American general after a while has been followed by the French military leaders: the glasses, which fitted close to the eyes and perfectly protected from the sun, has long been part of the French army uniforms.

The real boom for these glasses happened in the late 1960, when the glasses were worn by the numerous rock icons and celebrities. In 1952, the brand Ray-Ban presented more modern version of the classic “aviators” – the model of sunglasses Ray-Ban Wayfarer with democratic plastic frame. They got the iconic status with the premiиre in 1986 in the world’s cinema screens the movie “Top Gun”, where Val Kilmer, Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards worn these glasses most of the screen time. The sales of the model after the premiere of the blockbuster have grown up to 40%. Today the aviator goggles are still in fashion. Every season Ray-Ban changes the design of the famous model by adding colorful bows or glasses with the effect of degrade.

One of the peculiarities of these glasses is their dark glasses which skip only 20% of the incoming sunlight, so it is almost impossible to see the eyes. Another remarkable point of the cult sunglasses is the bayonet bow with flexible plastic tips which can be conveniently fastened behind the ear. If before Ray-Ban has used predominantly classic black glass with a greenish hue so now, the famous “aviators” are presented in a variety of colors and sizes by many famous designers – Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Emporio Armani, Versace and others. In fashion are models with purple and brown glass, with pale translucent glass with the effect of darkening to the top of the lenses as aviator goggleswell as simple black sunglasses with black lenses and black bows.

Once in the early 2000s Jennifer Lopez has appeared in the video for her song «I’m into you» in a translucent model of aviator goggles by Gucci, the new face of the famous glasses immediately set the new trend. By 2000 the “aviators”, have finally got rid of its main disadvantage – the extreme fragility. The thin frame was replaced by the more durable rubber, plastic, titanium and nickel-free alloys.
The main plus of the aviator glasses is the model-unisex. They fit almost any outfit, any color and any style, mimicking a rest of the wardrobe. Thus, in the company of a vintage sundress up to the floor length and a straw hat, the “aviators” acquire relaxed bohemian flair; along with close-fitting leather motorcyclist jacket – adds boldness and refined image of sexuality. Among the huge fans of this model are fashionista Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan, Miranda Kerr and Paris Hilton.

Aviators: the classic of lines and forms.

Aviator model is perhaps the most recognizable model of sunglasses due to its unusual shape. These glasses are characterized by the very large lenses, the amount of which is two or three times higher than the size of the eye socket, rounded on the outside and slightly slanted towards the nose. Thanks to such teardrop shape and large size of the lens the aviators effectively protect the eyes from harmful sunlight but the original form of the model makes them very unique, which fit not everyone. However, the current models of the glasses can be very different, for example, the classic rounded shape of the lens can be changed to a clear, angular, so that some aviator gogglesmodels will fit even the person with the round face.

Small female wiles.

It is well known fact that aviators are the universal model of sunglasses that fit anyone. In fact, even stylish aviator glasses can visually distort facial features, so you should be very attentive while choosing them. Classic aviators slightly rounded on the outside of lenses are the best fit the owners of a square-shaped face – the smooth lines of lenses visually soften the sharp of the jaw line and forehead.

Aviator goggles for cordate and oval shape of the face.

The owners of the so-called cordate shape of the face as well as the owners of a square face shape will be able to evaluate the merits of classic aviator’s glasses on merit. Thanks to a slightly asymmetric shape of the lens such glasses help to distract attention from irregular width of the face. To visually make the chin a little wider and the face more proportional, you need the aviator goggles with a narrow frame of metal, almost invisible on the face, or clear plastic.
The perfect oval is the most simple and harmonious shape of the face, for which fit any style of the glasses. If the face is a little longish so, the decorative details for the bow can help to make it more balanced and visually a little expand it. Wide plastic frame visually shorten the face.

Aviator sunglasses for round face.

For round shape of the face classic aviators, on the contrary, do not fit. In order to make the shape of the face a little more clear and visually narrow it down, we need square lenses. Fortunately, there are so many variations of the classic aviators, therefore, it is very easy to find the model for round face and not necessarily in general to abandon the famous model – just choose the aviators not with rounded but with angled lenses. The vertical lines of lenses visually make the round face slightly longer and narrower.
Attention to the details.
No less important than the correspondence of the lenses to the face shape, have other, seemingly minor details of the sunglasses design. For example, it is important that the color of the frame (the modern aviator goggles often differ by a thin, almost invisible, metal frame and wide enough plastic) fit the skin tone and the color of the hair. If the traditional metal (gold) frame is more suitable for owners of tanned, dark skin and dark (black or brown) hair, then it is almost contraindicated to the light-skinned blondes.

Some fashion tips for wearing aviators glasses:

  •  It is better to choose glamorous aviators in gilded frame with brown lenses for daily cocktail dresses and sexy bikinis.
  •  The aviators deluxe, decorated with Swarovski crystals or snake prints should be accessorized in tone – bag or shoes in the same style.
  •  More sports version in durable rubberized frame will fit the everyday wardrobe with the democratic sports elements.
  •  The ideal shape of the face for aviators is the so-called triangle, in which the upper part is slightly larger and wider than the bottom.
  •  Do not wear aviator glasses if your face is too thin or long. Such form would inevitably pull down and extending it.
  •  Much more effective the aviators look with the taken back hair or a smooth hair. This model of glasses is the best companion for the classic pony tail.


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