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Jeans have long been taken the good place in the female wardrobe, having received the reputation of the most practical and comfortable clothing. However, how much your jeans will seem stylish to others, depends on their model. Apple Bottoms jeans is one of the hottest fashion brands on the market today. Millions of women in the United States and Europe wear the highly anticipated line of jeans Nelly. The most important part of the choice is the ability to get a large number of models that are trendy, popular in the hip-hop industry and have the highest quality. These jeans give pleasure to its owner; everyone wants to present them to relatives and friends.

Jeans of this brand combines style, glamour and freedom of hip-hop, bringing to life of some people the touch of game and dance. Selecting jeans of this brand, you will be able to experience the freedom and ease, which is so lack in the modern life of the active man. If you are the young and actively positioned modern woman, the choice of this brand – it is the right decision! You will be pleased with your choice and will impress the others.

The history of Apple Bottoms.

Apple Bottoms (lat. “Apple ass”) – an American company known throughout the world as the manufacturer of jeans and other stylish women’s clothing, as well as linen and accessories. The popular hip-hop star Nelly registered this brand in 2003 and the first advertising developed into well known TV show. The designers of Apple Bottoms jeans being in a creative search, live online create the team of a dream which is engaged in production of fashionable jeans.
One of the company logos is the delicious ripe apple. According to the founders of the Apple Bottoms, clothing should perfectly fit the female figure, successfully emphasizing all her charms and hide flaws. Not surprisingly, that the brand was recognized by diverse apple bottom jeanspublic, because everyone wants to dress in order to look good and at the same time be a personality.
Apple Bottoms brand is engaged in release of dresses, women’s jeans, overalls, jackets, as well as the perfumes, bags and all sorts of accessories. There is also the separate range for women with large forms, as well as a line of clothes for little fashionistas. Regardless of age, each woman does not mind to try the delicious apple. Apple Bottoms clothes it is the free style, which does not restrict the movements. It is the bright colors, excellent quality and original design. It is in such clothes you can become the star of street fashion.
Apple Bottoms jeans wear such famous people and stars like Oprah, Vivica Fox, Fergie, Ashanti and many others. In addition to the collection of jeans, the Apple Bottom relies also the sports wear, bathing suits and swimming trunks, sunglasses, optical glasses, jewelry, handbags, accessories, shoes and children’s clothing.

The brand Apple Bottoms annually produces four collections. This Spring, Summer, Holiday and Fall. Each collection has its own time and determining trend.
apple bottom jeans 2When the new collection appears in the shops, the sales of the previous are stopped. Watch for updates if you want to look new and unique! In addition, the chance that you will meet someone on the street in the same clothes is very small.

With what combine apple bottom jeans?

1. With the vest.
The vests are incredibly popular for several seasons. Stars are most likely vests made from natural or artificial fur. Penelope Cruz, Paris Hilton, Olivia Palermo choose precisely this ensemble for walking, shopping and visiting fashion weeks. The vests can be combined with golf, shirt, blouse or t-shirt. Bell-bottoms, skinny or straight pipes jeans are excellently combined with the vests.
2. With the jacket.
Apple Bottoms jeans look great with jackets of different styles. This ensemble can be used for meetings, important meetings, outings and work. The general style is largely determined by the selected shoes, for example, in combination with the Oxfords you can get the casual style. You can use the light scarf, thin belt or the massive earrings as the fashionable detail. An important role is also played by the color. Jeans with the jacket often combines the model Cindy Crawford, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Paradis, as well as many other famous people. The classic jacket is excellently combined with straight jeans and this combination will always be in fashion.
3. With the leather jacket.
Biker style includes leather and denim. Today it is very firmly settled down in vogue. Black leather jackets choose Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Stewart. Gentle pastel jackets are diluted by the denim colors – Katherine Heigl and Kim Kardashian. Very stylish looks the contrasting combination of pastel colors.

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