American made jeans. How not to buy the fake?

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The manufacture of qualitative American made jeans is the prerogative of companies that occupy the strong position in the world trade for a long time: «Lee», «Versace», «Levi Strauss & Co» and «Hugo Boss». It is not difficult to buy jeans, but to choose qualitative, let’s consider some basic features that are worth paying attention to:

The country of origin.

Many consumers, who want to buy qualitative products, selflessly are looking for jeans marked «Made in USA» and to their surprise, can not find. The shelves of the shops and firm salons abound with Chinese jeans, of Portugal and Greek production. The reason is simple: many famous denim manufacturers open their manufacturing bases in countries with developing economies. This helps to save on labor, raw materials, as well as rental space.

The quality of tailoring.

The most reliable way to determine the quality of tailoring is to check the two pant legs to symmetry. For this we must lay down the two pant legs at the seams. If the jeans wrinkle and warp – you handle the product of low quality. If they lay down straight, on the clear trajectory – they are sewn perfectly. The product should not have sticking threads. On branded jeans the seams are always done with welt turned, with double or triple lines. The price of jeans is not always directly proportional to their quality as even in the boutiques can be found the counterfeit goods. So, do not hesitate to demand in shops the special certificates of quality and guarantee for the goods.

The denim’s quality.

american made jeansAll jeans are made from denim – the cotton. Today there are three types of denim: jean, denim and jeans. The cheapest is the jean. The inexpensive models are sewn from this material; they are of the monochromatic coloring and with absolutely smooth surface. The well-known companies exclude the production of jean jeans. Jeans, sewn from denim, are always of high quality: they are very strong, rough to the touch. Denim is the twisted cotton, which guarantees the product durability. As a rule, jeans made of this material have the classic color – indigo. The most common are the jeans made of jeans. This material is slightly inferior to the denim; however, the quality of products is very good.
The only one who can compete with the very American denim – is the Japanese denim. But it is already another story. Japanese denim is much more expensive. Japanese compete with America from the defeat in the war and therefore with maniacal persistence make everything much better and authentic than Americans.

Pay attention to the rivets.

Accessories also say about the jeans quality. Zippers, rivets and buttons on the qualitative American jeans are always metal. The accessories always have the manufacturer’s logo. The most expensive companies produce accessories of such strong materials as copper or bronze. Finally, each manufacturer tries to protect their products with the whole host levels of protection, “water marks” and other secret traps.
Thick colored thread, which was fastening the edge of woven fabric, prevented the unwinding of the end. Namely on by Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler, factory Cone Mills request was made the fabric with colorful salvage to distinguish the party. For Levi’s – red, for Lee – green for Wrangler – yellow. It also serves as the protection during those times. But with the development of technology and the domestic american made jeans 2product, it became too expensive to produce custom-made denim and the production was unified.

Designer American made jeans.

At the end of the 70 the American fashion designers Calvin Klein and Victoria Vanderbilt set sights on denim market, releasing the denim under their labels. In 1979, the total sales revenue of designer jeans in the United States amounted to $ 1 billion – one-tenth of the total profits of jeans. In 1983, Karl Lagerfeld brought to the podium Chanel denim suit. And in the 90’s the obvious crisis of traditional denim brands were accompanied with equally naked affair between fashion and jeans: Armani Jeans, Helmut Lang, D & G, Gucci, Moschino, Versace, DKNY, JPG, Paul Smith – all self-respecting brands used denim in their collections.

«Calvin Klein»

The American Calvin Klein was the first fashion designer who seriously engaged the release of jeans in 1977. The real success came to him in 1980, when he properly expanded his denim range and ordered at Richard Avedon the scandalous promotional campaign with 15-year-old Brooke Shields. “Between me and my Kelvin there is absolutely nothing”, – says the advertising posters. And in the next year the CK sales went up from $ 25 million to $ 180 million.
It is well known fact that Calvin Klein invented the term “sexy jeans”. He was the first one who painted the jeans in black and made them tight. These jeans sit perfectly. But not only has this world-renowned fashion designer implement his inspiration in denim collections. There are many others.


Chanel represents the collection of so-called denim trousers. By the cut, they do not differ from the usual classic trousers. Simplicity and elegance has always allocated the fashion products of other manufacturers.

«Dior Homme»

If Levi’s is the authority in its register of the classic American made jeans, Diesel – somewhere in the midway between denim and fashion, the Dior Homme with the light hand of the fashion designer Edie Slimane for the last two years became the undisputed leader in men’s fashion. This style is impossible without jeans: narrow, worn, preferably black or gray, the jeans Dior Homme are in the wardrobe of every self-respecting stylish guy next to perfectly harmonizing suit Dior Homme.

«Helmut Lang»

In the mid 90’s, when the fashion for designer jeans exhausted and was clearly felt the need for a new push, the Austrian Helmut Lang, who had sufficient authority in fashion, has released the line of black tight jeans. For several years, it was considered very cool.

«Moschino» simultaneously produces comfortable and stylish jeans, which is quite rare among the big-name designers.

«Trussardi» – it is a very serious brand, which is perfect for the stylish and wealthy fashionistas. Jeans are very strong but a little tight.

«Versace» – it is the luxurious jeans, smooth, dense, with luster and brilliance. Their author plays a very significant role in the fashion world. These jeans can be worn only by a very slender people as they tight the figure in such a way so, one can not put anything in the pockets.

The designers Marithe and Francois Girbaud are the creators of denim engineering. In the 60’s they were the first who began to release the artificially shabby American rag jeans. In the 70’s they invented the model cargo with lots of pockets, now they experimenting with laser cut and fuse with hot air, which replaces the seams. In addition to denim, the Girbaud has the collections of fashionable clothes for men and women, the collection Actlive for leading the active lifestyle, urban Sportcity and non-trivial shoes.

«Dolce & Gabbana»
«Dolce & Gabbana» – this fashion house surpassed «Versace» by extravagance. These jeans can afford only a select few.

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