American flag shorts – stylish part of your wardrobe

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American flag shorts it is the clothes for free and self-confident people. America with its manners inspired quite a few international designers. America considered being the most multi-ethnic country, where live the representatives of different nations with their culture and history. Therefore, the emergence of the American fashion is not surprising.

American style has become very popular all over the world at the end of 2010. All the collections of clothing were just impregnated with American spirit. What the American style of clothes represents?
This style reflects the independence of the country and its freedom. The American fashion became to promote American flag shorts jeans, jackets, leather jackets and T-shirts. Famous world designers very much borrowed from the American style and with confidence filled this trend in their collections.

This style of clothing is presented not only by shorts and jeans, but the cowboy boots, hats, fringe, as well as sportswear. The basic principle of the American style – the free choice of clothing, in which people will feel comfortable and safe.
If the woman has decided to give preference to American-style, she should remember about the natural beauty. It includes no bright makeup and fancy hairstyles. Simplicity in clothing accentuates the beauty of women and not overshadows them.
American style became the parent of the New York style. New York considered being the city where very interesting and colorful people live. This style combines both classic clothing and absolutely not standard.
american flag shortsCelled shirt, faded jeans with a trendy jacket, t-shirts, dresses and sweaters with the image of the American flag, short denim shorts and vests – all these clothes soaked with American style and is suitable for almost anyone who wants to feel the spirit of America and its people.

Bribes with their versatility the popular denim shorts, which according to the designers of the popular fashion houses, can be as light blue and indigo, as with a lot of holes and with a fringe, as with slips and ragged as with sparkles and worn, but, of course, ultra short. By adding the image relaxedness and ease the body, casually ripped denim American flag shorts effectively look in combination with white slightly stretched T-shirts, free stylish t-shirts, bulky romantic topics, embroidered tunics, celled cowboy shirts, short jackets and even with elegant cotton or silk blouses.

How to make the American flag shorts at home?

If you have old or no longer fashionable denim shorts, you can update them and make unique, original and fashionable. Let’s talk about how to transform and decorate the denim shorts. You can think of a lot of variants for decoration.

For decoration of the denim shorts can also be used the stickers with American symbols and leather fringe. Just sew it on the pockets.

You will get shorts in cowboy style.

Will look very original the denim shorts with the colored markings in the style of the American flag. This option is ideal for bold and fashionable girls. You have to take the paints or conventional acrylic and brush, paint on the entire front of the short’s surface the American flag. After drying iron it, put it on the paper or clothes fabric.
How to decorate the denim shorts with rhinestones and sequins? The lovers of various crystals and sequins there is also the variant on how to use them to decorate the denim shorts. Very nice will look the American flag shorts embroidered on the one side with beads, sequins or beads. Especially beautiful look white ornaments on blue shorts but you can certainly experiment. All of these decorations can be used separately or in combination.

How to decorate the denim shorts with rivets or spikes? Besides rhinestones and sequins, you can decorate your denim shorts with rivets or studs. For example, you can attach the rivets on the entire surface of the back pocket or on the edge of the front pockets. The spikes can be laid on the outer seam of the shorts from the top down. You will get pretty audacious variant. Do not be afraid to experiment.

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