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7 jeans is one of the most popular elements of the modern wardrobe. It is probably impossible to find fashionasta who has not had at least one or two pairs of these comfortable and always relevant pants. But in spite this demand and popularity, on how to choose the right pair of these jeans knows very few. Often the search of the perfect pair takes more than one day.

The brand 7 For All Mankind was founded in autumn 2000 by the Los Angeles designers Michael Glaser and Jerome Dahan. They were the first one who introduced the denim jeans of the high-quality to the world, which became extremely popular among the lovers of fashion luxury. In the collections of this brand can be felt the spirit of elegance and incendiary of California parties. Jeans 7 for All Mankind are the “hottest” denim brand in Hollywood, they are worn by Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Benjamin McKenzie, Mischa Barton and many others.

Luxury jeans.

The company 7 of all Mankind was the first brand, which started the production of luxury jeans. The prices for exclusive models reach thousands of dollars. The brand produces jeans with holes and stains. At each of these models hangs the manufacturer’s label with the text “Enjoy the holes, the more – the better!”. At first glance it may seem that these jeans were used. In fact, to the product was specially given such aged look by using various expensive technologies. The brand has several denim lines: Jeans Bootcut Stretch, they stretch a bit and give the figure slenderness. The Poket, Flynt – the lines with low waist in front and the relatively high rear end. These jeans are perfect for those who want to emphasize the advantages of their figure and hide the flaws. Crystal Pocket – the unique model, the pockets are decorated with Swarovski crystals. These jeans would be the perfect variant for a hike into the night club or a party.

Bootcut jeans.

Bootcut 7 jeans are the model which closely fitting the thigh and slightly tapered at the bottom. The main thing when buying bootcut jeans is the sense of proportion, too wide bottom jeans makes unattractive even the ideal figure.
This model will successfully balance the proportions of the figure, if the girl has the wide hips. Bootcut jeans will make the silhouette slimmer and more elegant. But the girls with the low growth, athletic build and poorly expressed waistline it is better to refuse from jeans - the selection rulesthis model: they will not add to your silhouette femininity but make your figure squat and inexpressive.
It is preferably to wear bootcut jeans with heels, because this model is visually reduces the growth of a few centimeters so, with flat shoes this model look organically only on girls with model parameters. But how to correctly choose the model of bootcut jeans? The main thing to remember is that they have to cover the heel at least to the middle.
Bootcut jeans are perfect for the bohemian style – neohippi; you should only supplement them with flying blouse, vest and wide-brimmed hat.

Skinny jeans.

Skinny – the tight jeans, tight-fitting the figure. Skinny 7 mankind jeans for several seasons are the main trend of denim fashion. The most difficult thing is to find the right length of these jeans – ankle-deep or a little longer. If the jeans are too long you should not buy them or you should shorten the length, otherwise, even the most slender legs will look ugly.
It is considered that skinny jeans can afford only the girls with the model figure. Indeed, most skinny jeans fit slim or very slim girls regardless of their growth. To the owners of narrow hips such variant will add femininity. By the way, for the girls who are particularly confident in the beauty of their legs with zero size, there is even bolder variant -jeggings – leggings made of denim. It is better to refuse buying skinny jeans to the owners of feminine figure with wide hips.
With skinny jeans are perfectly combined practically all models of shoes: classic boats, ballet flats, the only taboo – the shoes on the rough massive platform. When choosing the top of the ensemble you can go two ways – to pick up the free and broad enough model or create the layered ensemble. This model looks excellent in combination with things in the man’s style.

Straight jeans.

The classic straight 7 of all mankind jeans – the safest variant for those who can not decide on the appropriate model. This silhouette will never go out of style and is suitable for almost everyone. Straight jeans should be compact, of the solid color plus the minimum of hardware.
The straight jeans can afford the owners of different types of figures. The girls with the low growth should remember that the rolled up at the bottom jeans visually shorten the legs and reduce the growth. In addition, straight jeans should ideally sit on the waist and hips.
With the help of the classic direct jeans you can create the image in the popular style “man like”: for this they need to be supplemented with sneakers and cardigan with a shirt. From accessories you can choose watch with a metal bracelet and black-framed glasses.

The shortened jeans.

The shortened jeans that allow in all its glory to demonstrate the fragile ankles are back in fashion! These trousers have been seen on the enormous amount of shows, held at Fashion Week. In the afternoon the designers suggest wearing these jeans with the ballet flats, sandals with flat shoes or low wide heel. If you want to put on the shortened jeans in the evening, you should choose shoes or sandals with steady heel or platform sole.
Another extremely popular model is jeans ending at the ankle bone. No more messy “bellows” at the top of your shoes – it’s time to show everyone, how good your new boots, shoes or sandals! These jeans, however, will not fit everyone: first of all, their owner must be slim, perhaps even “extremely slim”, and secondly, her growth should not be lower than the standard 165 cm. it is better to wear these jeans with the very high heels.
Narrow shortened jeans can be recommended to lovers of romantic and classical styles. This is a perfect variant for everyday wearing and for an evening outs. Any tight short jeans look elegant and stylish, as you can see by looking at them in the new collections of jeans - the selection rules 2fashion brand.

Unusual models and colors.

In addition to these usual and perhaps the most popular models of jeans, there are also more than the original versions. For example, 7 jeans much flared from the hip – this model extends the legs and slim, especially if these jeans have inflated waistline. However, you can wear them only with high heels. By the way, the wider the jeans, the more impressive they look, the main thing – do not forget that these jeans should be long enough. Thus, the designers recommend to purchase this model to the owners of “cool hips” and to wear them with airy white blouses. One should avoid knitted tops and baggy shirts. If you are not very tall it is better to pay attention to not too broad models of jeans and wear them with the pair of high heels.
Another unusual model it is the so-called “boyfriend jeans”. Wide, as if male pants, will fit tall and slim girls. You can wear them with shoes and sandals with heels or platform sole, tucking the bottom. About how to choose the right pair of jeans in men’s style knows the actress Katie Holmes, as this model has become her favorite. The girl often shows the similar jeans in different sets.
When choosing jeans do not forget about the traditional rule: the dark color -slimming, the light adds weight. Never lose its relevance the classic dark blue and black jeans that can benefit any type of figures and are combined with different clothes.
But this season, the fashion brand offer to reject the false shyness and try on the jeans of the most incredible colors. Among the favorites are red, purple and green colors. Following the latest trends and buying the bright denim pants, we must remember that they will become the main focus of the image: the rest of the clothes should be of the calmer color.

The selection of 7 jeans according to your figure

Figure type: the hourglass.
The details can transform even the most ordinary model into something much more interesting. No, we’re not talking about rhinestones and not about fringes, and not about sequins. In general, any of those “bells and whistles” that might come to your mind, are not in question. This season, the 7 all mankind designers offer to bet on the deliberate casualness – it’s time to relax after the autumn-winter season with its tightened belts, bags of the rigid forms and strict silhouette “hourglass”.
To the owners of this type of the figure it is recommended to choose the classic straight jeans with high waist. They will represent your forms the most advantageously: symmetry and natural curves.
It is not recommended to wear belts with large items or to attract too much attention to the hips. The overweight hourglasses should give preference to dark blue jeans; they will make your legs longer and visually slimmer.

Figure type: the pear.
It is not recommended to wear bootcut jeans as they attract too much attention to the area of the thighs. Also, do not buy jeans of too bright colors, they will make you thicker. Look for the models with a low-slung, with fewer details on the pockets and of plain dark colors: dark blue, dark gray, black or brown.
The shape and fit are very important; to the owners of this type of the figure it is better to remove the focus from the hips. The best variant will be the straight jeans which tight the hips and are free at the bottom.

Figure type: the apple.
The ideal variant for the owners of this type of the figure – 7 jeans with minimum details in the front, so as not to draw attention to the waist. Since usually the “apples” have shaped legs, there are no limits in color scale.

Figure type: the banana.
Give preference to the low-slung jeans to distract the attention from the waist or rather its lack. Belt or other details on the hips will add the missing amount. Dark jeans make slimmer, but if you are the slim banana, you can choose any color.

The basic rules of the 7 jeans selection.

There are some general guidelines on how to choose the right pair of jeans:

  •  Do not pursue the latest trends, the best variant – classic jeans with middle-slug and without decorations and abrasions. They fit everyone.
  •  Do not buy jeans in which, during the trying on, you feel free, after a few days of wearing they will stretch almost to the size.
  •  You should abandon the jeans with too low-lying back pockets – it shortens the legs and makes the figure unattractive.
  •  In contrast to T-shirts, jackets and cardigans – it is virtually impossible to choose jeans without trying them on – dimensional tables of different brands differ greatly from each other.
  •  Very low 7 for mankind jeans that show to others the underwear of its owner, has long been out of fashion. Average slug will make your waist narrower and silhouette more seductive.

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