1 hour glasses for children

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Nowadays the child wearing glasses does not surprise anyone. They are prescribed from an early age. Some parents choose cheaper 1 hour glasses, assuming that they are no different from the expensive. However, the child should feel comfortable and the spectacle frames should not recall the grandmothers. Otherwise there can be a sharp rejection of glasses and the desire to part with them. An important role for children plays the opinion of their peers. If the glasses are chosen correctly so, they are worn with joy.

It is quite possible that wearing of the glasses is the only way to correct the baby’s eyesight. Do not even think to refuse from them! Do not take your child’s eyesight irresponsibly. Try to help him in getting used to the glasses.

  •  It is necessary that the child had a habit to wear the glasses from the morning.
  •  Do not forbid your child to wear his glasses on dolls – let him get used to them.
  •  If you can, then take your child to a special kindergarten, where the other children also wear glasses.
  •  If someone from the family wear glasses, do not forget to focus on this.

To all the parents, whose children were prescribed the glasses, we can give some recommendations for their purchase.
First of all, the glass in the glasses has to be plastic. The frame must be chosen very attentively, since that rim, which will please your child would certainly help him to get used to the glasses. Do not forget about the strength and comfort, as the children are constantly in motion and do not sit still. Therefore, the glasses should not prevent a child, as well as squeezing the nose and temples. Secondly, do not forget to keep the lens in a constant purity because the dirty lens can further disrupt the children’s eyesight.
In order the baby glasses do not brake or scratch, you need to buy a special case. It must be very reliable and robust case made of glasses for childrensolid material. You should regularly visit the ophthalmologist and follow his recommendations so that in the future to completely abandon the glasses.

Plastic lenses.

For children the glasses and lenses are selected by the same basic principles as for adults. The experts advise to choose plastic lenses instead of the glass. The latter refers to traumatic. Children have more active lifestyle than adults. They play active games, constantly risking falling. If the glasses would break, then the pieces can cut their hands or face. In addition, the plastic lenses are easier then the glass, which means that they would less slide.

The special nose bridge.

When selecting the glasses taken into account the size of the baby’s head. The glasses should not slide from the nose bridge. By the way, in children it still forms. Their nose bridge is flatter than the adults, so you should pay the special attention to the length of the ear glasses for children_2hook.

By prescription only.

1 hour glasses for children can be selected only by prescription after the objective determination of the degrees of farsightedness and nearsightedness.

Worthy replacement.

What to do, if, in spite of any persuasions, the child refuses to wear the glasses? With the appearance of soft contact lenses and solutions for their care the children’s glasses emerged worthy replacement. It is better to begin the correction of visual impairment with contact lenses from 7 years.
However, the safety of their use is not even defined by the age, but the ability for careful storage and proper care. In addition, contact lenses do not fog up, do not press on the nose and ears are not displaced during the outdoor games, do not break and cause injury to a child.
To sum it up, we can note some points on which all the parent should pay the special attention:

  •  If your child does not react at the bright light or he narrows his eyes – then you should immediately consult an ophthalmologist;
  •  The kid should fallow the toy and having grown up should pull his hand to it;
  •  You should also contact the doctor if your baby eyes get watered or redden.

And the most important thing to remember is that if your baby would have the good eyesight so he would discover the world with big pleasure.


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